Class 2 - Mr. Snelson

Welcome to Class 2 - Year's 1/2

Class teacher: Mr P Snelson
Other adults: Mrs R Gaskell


Homework: Usually issued each Friday to be returned the following Thursday  and will normally be used to support work we are going to be doing the following week. This means that children can come prepared with some knowledge of a topic or skill prior to our learning in class.  


In addition, reading books will be issued regularly and we encourage all children to read their reading books every night where possible. If you would like a new reading book issued, please indicate in planners and let Mr Snelson/Miss Robinson know. Otherwise, reading books will be changed (if appropriate) on a Wednesday or Thursday each week.

Spellings; in addition to our spelling lessons based on rules and spelling families, children in Year 1 and Year 2 must be able to spell their lists of Common Exception Words (see attached).


P.E. takes place each Monday and Thursday.

Long term overview for Year A with medium term planning and topic webs for Year's 1 & 2.

  • Mr P Snelson

    Class 2 Teacher