Courageous Advocacy

Here at Glazebury CE Primary School, we encourage and support our children to be "courageous advocates".  This means they champion causes which are special and meaningful to them.  These may be global issues or matters far more personal and closer to home. 

We believe this develops resilience, teamwork, courage and independence and an understanding of the wider world and how they can help make it a better place, enabling our children to flourish. 

Sophia decided she wanted to do something nice for everyone and to raise money for Derian House Children’s Hospice who support her family a lot. She decided to make cake boxes. In each box is a Mars bar, Rice Krispie cake, flapjack and malteser cake. At the time of going to press, she had raised £402 so far in donations. Well done Sophia, that is an amazing achievement!  We are extremely proud of your hard work and kindness. 

Congratulations to Eva, who decided to do a sponsored stair climb for charity.  She has raised £105 as of 25th April 2020, which she has decided to share out amongst worthy causes including: small presents eg boxes of biscuits for the police, binmen, postmen, local doctors and Holcroft Grange old people’s home.  Eva has said she is planning to donate the rest to Warrington Homeless Charity to help them with food supplies for the homeless.  Her family and school are very proud of her and her family have reminded us ‘People are so kind, this has been a reminder of that in these testing times’.

Please keep sharing the things you are proud of.


Sophia decided to get on her bike to raise funds for a charity close to her heart. By cycling 26 km on 26th April, she has raised some much needed cash for the RSPCA. Although Sophia was tired and ready to go home after cycling 20km, she managed that final push by going to see the newts and tadpoles through Windy Bank Woods. Well done Sophia, you are amazing!